Hay baler,hay compressing bagger

Wuxi Jianlong (Wuxi Jianlong) offers a large selection of hay packing machines, palletizers and pallet wrapping machines. With the capacity to produce 1 to 6ft3 bales, the VP-400 is the perfect machine to make compressed bags of hay. For end-of-line solutions, we offer a large selection of conventional palletizers and robotic palletizers as well as stretch hooders and stretch wrappers.
No matter the scope of your project, Wuxi Jianlong manufactures hay packing machines for small-, medium- and large-scale productions. See below the different hay packing machines we offer. For more information, just click on any product that you are interested in.


Semi automatic bagging machine

  • Compression bagger, bagging press machine

    Compression bagger, bagging press machine

    Compression bagger is a type of baling/bagging unit that is commonly used by companies in need of fast bagged bale production with relatively large quantity of material.
    It is suitable for processing wood chips, wood shaving, silage, textile, cotton yarn, alfalfa, rice husks and many other synthetic or natural compressible material. we ensure product reliability, safety, and flexibility during both the design and manufacturing stage, to optimize baling/bagging throughput. Whether you plan to ...