The structure, principle and working process of bulk bag filling station

Bulk bag filling station is a multi-purpose automatic quantitative packaging machine which integrates electronic weighing, automatic bag releasing and dust collection. The machine has high automation, stable equipment performance, high packaging accuracy, and the high packaging speed. The technology of the bulk bag filling station is advanced,it is durable, and it has few vulnerable parts ; the programmable electronic control system has a high reliability in the control process. The dust collection device is advanced in reducing the dust pollution in the working environment.

bulk bag packaging machines are popular among our customers, what is its principle and structure? Let’s get to know.
1. Variable speed feeding mechanism:
It is composed of adjustable speed motor, belt drive, spiral shaft and feeding mouth. The feeding mouth has a vacuum port. The variable speed motor is controlled by the electric box. The material is fed into the packing bag from the bin by screw.
2. Weighing frame:
The weighing frame is connected with weighing sensor, and the weight signal of the material is transmitted to the electrical box, and the whole machine is controlled by the electric box. The lifting cylinder on the weighing frame is hooked to the angle of the packing bag.
3. electrical box
The external signal and the signal of the sensor are transmitted to the electrical box. The electrical box controls the start, stop, speed and cylinder lifting of the charging motor through the programmed procedure.
Bulk bag packing machine is suitable for the packaging of large bags of materials in mineral, chemical, building materials, grain, feed and other industries.
So how does it work?
First, the packing bag is set on the discharging spout, then the four corners of the bag are hung on the cylinder, and the “allow” button is pressed. At this time, the pressure cylinder starts to work and presses the bag mouth. The cylinder will open the four corners of the bag, and the controller will automatically remove the weight of the bag. The material will be poured into the bag by spiral rotation. The vibration table starts to vibrate the material. The dust overflowing with the air in the bag passes through The vacuum cleaner is sucked away from the dust collector. When the feeding speed reaches the preset value, the screw speed will slow down and the vibration will stop. When the setting value is reached, the feeding will stop.At this time, the air cylinder loosens the bag mouth, the air cylinder loosens the four corners of the packaging bag, and the forklift sends out the packaging bag.
Bulk bag filler is designed by Wuxi Jianlong Packing Co., Ltd. according to the characteristics of granular and powder materials and the different requirements of users. It has won the favor of the majority of users and achieved good performance.

Post time: Mar-09-2021