Vacuum valve bag filler,vacuum powder packaging machine for fine powder

With the progress and development of society, before a lot of powder materials rely on open mouth bagger , now the situation is very different, such as many  valve bag fillers are used for chemical powders in recent years . The valve bag filling machine has the advantage of packing super fine powder materials. Let it go, no matter what the powder material is, it is easy to grasp. The packaging process is perfect.


However, with the development of technology in modern times, many ultra-fine powder and nano-level powder materials cannot be packaged with ordinary valve bag packaging machines. This packaging machine needs to be upgraded as well. Vacuum valve bag filling machine was invented .
Vacuum valve bag filler is a new type of valve bag packaging machine, suitable for valve bag packaging of ultra-fine and nano-level powder materials  with large air content and low density.  It’s definite and obvious that there is no dust spillover in the packaging process, which can effectively reduce the pollution to the environment. The packaging process can realize the function of filling materials with high compression ratio, enriching the appearance of the finished packaging bag, and reducing the size of the packaging bag. So the packaging effect is particularly prominent.
Representative powder materials that can be packaged, such as silicon powder, carbon black, powdered activated carbon, graphite and stearate. It can be well packaged.
Vacuum powder packaging machine adopts the way of vacuum suction material feeding. The packaging bag is placed in a closed vacuum chamber, and the material enters the packaging bag through the suction effect of negative pressure, and the air in the material is discharged through the air holes of the packaging bag.When the weight of the material filled into the packaging bag reaches the preset value, the vacuum pump stops running, the vacuum chamber door is opened, and the packaging bag is manually removed to complete the single bag packaging cycle.


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Post time: Mar-24-2021