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Jumbo bag bagging machine is suitable for quantitative packaging of powder and granular materials in bulk bags. It widely used in food, chemical, engineering plastics, fertilizer, feed, building materials and other industries.
Main features: bag clamper and hanging apparatus function:After weighing is completed, the bag is automatically released from bag clamper and hanging apparatus
Fast packaging speed and high precision.
Out-of-tolerance alarm function: if the packaging weight is no longer within the preset tolerance, an alarm indication will be output.
Automatic drop correction function: with the change of the material in the silo, the advance volume is automatically corrected to make the packaging accuracy more stable.
Automatic / manual function: It can be continuously packaged in automatic state, or it can be packed in jog mode using manual function.
Final counting function: it can record the quantity of finished packaging for each shift or every day.
Feeding method:
Gravity flow feeding ; spiral feeding; vibration feeding; belt type feeding;


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Weight range: 500kg ~ 2000kg;
Packing speed: 8-40 bag / hour (It depends on the material characteristics and net weight);
Packaging error: ≤± 0.2%;
Main engine power:
Gravity flow feeding ≤ 2KW
Spiral feeding ≤ 5kW;
Power source: AC380V, 50Hz;
Working air pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.7MPa;

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big bag filling station

Jumbo bag bagging machine

jumbo bag packaging machine

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