DCS-VSFD Superfine powder degassing bagging machine, powder bagger machine with degassing device, degassing packaging scale

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DCS-VSFD powder degassing bagging machine is suitable for ultra-fine powders from 100 mesh to 8000 mesh. It can complete the work of degassing, lifting filling measurement, packaging, transmission and so on.
1. The combination of vertical spiral feeding and reverse stirring makes the feeding more stable, and then cooperates with the cone bottom type cutting valve to ensure the controllability of the material during the feeding process.
2. The whole equipment is equipped with an openable silo and quick-release screw assembly, so that the parts of the whole equipment that are in contact with the materials are cleaned, simple and fast, without dead corners.
3. Lifting weighing, combined with screw vacuum degassing and filling device, there is no dust lifting place while ensuring the accuracy of packaging.
4. Touch screen man-machine interface, convenient and intuitive operation, packaging specifications can be adjusted, working status can be switched at any time.


Applicable materials:

4 适用物料

Technical Parameter:

Weighing range: 10-25kg / bag
Packaging accuracy ≤± 0.2%
Packing speed: 1-3 bags / min
Power supply 380V, 50 / 60Hz
Degassing unit: yes
Power: 5KW
Weight 530kg

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1. DCS-VSFD 现场图

1.DCS-VSFD 现场图



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7 通用传感器及仪表

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