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DCS-SF is a new type of high-performance powder bagging scale developed by our company .It is suitable for flour,sazda, nshima,maize flour, starch, feed, food, chemical industry, light industry, medicine and other industries. DCS-SF is mainly equipped with weighing mechanism, feeding mechanism, body frame, control system, conveyor and sewing machine, etc.

Working principle

Before packaging, it is necessary to manually set the target weight on the instrument. The customer can adjust it according to the demand. Manually put the packaging bag on the blanking port, and then turn on the bag clamping switch. After receiving the bagging signal, the control system will drive the air cylinder, and the bag will be clamped by the bang holder. At the same time, the feeding mechanism will send the materials from the silo to the packing scale. The feeding mechanism is double screw feeding. When the target weight is reached, the bag clamper will automatically open. The packaging bag will fall on the conveyor, and the conveyor will be transported back to the sewing machine. The bag will be manually assisted to sew and output to complete the packaging process.

Functional features
Simple operation: adjust the weight through the instrument, the operation is simple and fast;
High precision: select high precision weighing controller, good reliability;

Save space: small floor area, flexible and convenient installation;

Adjustable scale speed: screw feeding, fast feeding and slow feeding are realized by the controller, and the feeding speed can be set arbitrarily;

Environmental protection operation: close the internal circulation system, effectively prevent dust flying, improve the working environment and protect the health of employees;

Reasonable structure: compact enough, small size, can be made into fixed or mobile body according to user requirements;

Optional parts: bag mouth folding machine, automatic sealing machine and dust removal unit can be selected.


Applicable materials:


4 适用物料

Technical Parameter:

Weighing Range 1-5, 5-10, 10-25, 25-50 Kg/bag, customized needs
Precisions ±0.2%FS
Packing Capacity 150-200bag/hour 250-300bag/hour 480-600bag/hour
Power supply 220V/380V, 50HZ, 1P/3P ( Customized)
Power (KW) 3.2 4 6.6
Dimension (LxWxH)mm 3000x1050x2800 3000x1050x3400 4000x2200x4570
The size can be customized according to your site.
Weight 700kg 800kg 1000kg

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1 DCS-SF 现场图

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7 通用传感器及仪表

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