High position palletizer,High position packaging and palletizing system

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The main components of the automatic palletizer are: Summary conveyor, climbing conveyor, indexing machine, marshalling machine, layering machine, elevator, pallet warehouse, pallet conveyor, pallet conveyor and elevated platform, etc.
The fully automatic palletizer receives palletized products at a specific height or level above the pallet. Empty pallets are sent from a silo or accumulation station to the palletizer, the machine supports the pallets and positions them under a pallet; the products are stacked into a layer or a row after being loaded into the pallet; the palletizer puts the palletizers in place Put the product layers or product columns lightly on the pallets below them, and then continue to stack the next layer of products, change the arrangement of the carton to match the pallet arrangement, and sometimes insert cardboard between layers to separate them Upper and lower layers; subsequently, the pallet and one layer of products will drop one layer so that the next layer of products can be placed on one layer of products. The pallet continues to drop, and the product layer after layer continues to be stacked until the specified quantity is reached; the pallet after the code is slowly lowered to the ground level, and a conveyor or forklift is responsible for transporting it to other workbenches. Bundling or stretching, wrapping, etc., and then transported to the factory.
High position palletizer is used behind the packaging scale. In front of the palletizer, it can be equipped with bagging machine, boxing machine, sealing machine, fully automatic bagging machine, metal detector, weight recheck and other equipment.




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