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The robot pick up conveyor is used for positioning the material bag, and facilitate the palletizing robot can accurately locate and grip the material bag. The roller conveyor also named gravity conveyor, gravity roller conveyor, usually adopts the steel conveyor rollers to installed within a certain frame to transfer workpiece on the surface. One of the most used type is power roller conveyor, also called drive roller conveyor, because it needs drive part to make the workpiece transferring on rollers. The drive roller conveyor’s biggest feature is drived by motor .


Name roller conveyor Model roller conveyor
Length(mm) 90 degree Overal width(mm) 870
Width(mm) 750 Hieght (mm) 900
Material steel Color black
Motor power 400w Speed 18m/min
Load capacity 200kg Type motorized conveyor
Warranty 12 months OEM Yes

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Wuxi Jianlong Packaging Co., Ltd. is a R & D and production enterprise specializing in solid material packaging solution. Our product portfolio includes bagging scales and feeders, open mouth bagging machines, valve bag fillers, jumbo bag filling machine, automatic packing palletizing plant, vacuum packaging equipment, robotic and conventional palletizers, stretch wrappers, conveyors,telescopic chute, flow meters, etc. Wuxi Jianlong has a group of engineers with strong technical strength and rich practical experience, which can help customers with one-stop service from solution design to product delivery, freeing workers from the heavy or unfriendly working environment, improving production efficiency, and will also create considerable economic returns for customers.

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